Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers swaying in the breeze

Spring sunshine shining so bright

Spring shady maples towering above

Spring is a beautiful sight

Spring is a time for rejoicing

Spring is a time for love

Spring is a time for thanking

Our wonderful Father above

Spring brings smiles of contentment

Spring brings oodles of fun

Spring brings children dashing through sprinklers

Enjoying the bright shining sun

Spring is known for April showers

Bringing the flowers of May

Spring is a time made just to enjoy

Th good things in life day by day

Spring is a time craved by children

Plus parents and grandparents, too

Spring is a time where the grass is so green

And the sky the best shade of blue

Spring is only a matter of months

And though it's ever so dear

We know another spring will soon come again

It happens so every year

4 komentar:

Radill said...

so romantic flower btw, where we can find that flower ? at the jungle, mountain or at the grass valley ?

bunda azka said...

aq suka gambar bunganya :D
cantikkk bagett

buwel said...

bunganya romance mang romance...hehehehe

Blok c No.3 said...

hmmm....Lebih suka kalo bunga bank sih...

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