Monday, February 9, 2009


Love can be a beautiful thing and sometimes after a while, it can be hard to show it because people fall into a routine if they have been with a person for a long time and so they just assume that the person knows that they love them and that might be true but everyone wants too know that the other person is thinking about them and wants to be cuddled or told how beautiful they are. Some people just want little simple things like just going out to see a movie or a little dinner at their favorite restaurant.

If you have been with a person for a long period of time, than take some time out, if you have not already, and find out how your loved one's day went and what they did and how they feel. If its obvious that they are in a mad or foul mood, don't get angry, instead stay calm and try to find out what had happen in their day to make them upset and than try to cheer them up. A little gift like a flower
, or a new tie or shirt or dress, won't hurt once in awhile to get. There are so many ways and things you can do to show someone love.

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G said...

When you love someone, tell them that you love them, tell them whenever you have a chance to say i love you, you're beautiful, i'm so lucky to have you by my side, tell them you care and show them you care, because life can be ao abrupt and ended so suddenly, then you will not have the chance to say, to let them know. Therefore, whenever you have a chance, use it. (^_^)

Love is a feeling, a commitment, a wonderful opportunity to make someone happy.


just do it if everything make "someone" happy
by incondition of as long as they are happy
coz , beautiful thing will never long lasting nevertheles life is so beautiful

Risti said...

When you love someone, you will feel love is beauty and feel lonely if her/him go away from your side.

Lyla said...

wah... pada pake inggris aku nyari kamus dulu ahhh...

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