Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My heart is filled with sorrow,
not looking forward to tomorrow,
why does my heart have to feel pain,
I did not want to go through this all again,
I've been through it once and it hurt me bad,
now it's happened again and I'm back to being sad,
I let down my guard just to get crushed,
I did not believe this could happen to us,
but you proved me wrong and left me quick,
feel's like I been hit in the heart with a brick.
So here I am so broken and torn and you are the one worth fighting for,
I don't want to loose you so please come back,
come pick my heart up off the ground and put it back.

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Cakra said...

well,, it's all about love isn't it?
any way,, nice posts.. n thx for dropping by at our blog :)

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