Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Heart Without a Home

For the countless nights I lay awake
and the empty air his presence replaced
I light this candle...
For the kisses experienced oh so sweet
and the tingle at my chest that came from my feet
I light this candle...
For the bittersweet words that I knew weren't true
that became make-ups and "I love you's"
I light this candle...
For the rhythm of the sway in his voice
and the patience he gave which made our first time
my choice
I light this candle...
To the indefinite number of lies he's told
right after he's kissed every inch of my soul
I slowly light this candle...
Watching this candle burn itself away
reminiscing the mornings I'd awaken to find he'd stayed
i light this candle...
Never will forget the day I held his phone
and the name it revealed was not my own
I light this candle...
Love from then was lost, left, and lone
gave us a house but took a happy home..
I light this candle...
Things went awry from there on out
for all the passion we built that was simply blew out
I light this candle...
With the memories left behind
as only glances in my mind
I feel now's the time...
To Cancel This Candle
Smiled twice and with no doubt
I lowered my head
and blew that candle out..

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ARA said...

i light the candle..

if i had "mati lampu" tragedy


wonderful poet!

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