Friday, June 26, 2009


Precious fragments of mortal moments

Dance past distracted eyes unseen

Slipping into eternity, eluding the

Outreached grasp of futility

As life elapses into ethereal worlds

Wandering in vague permanence

Of tarnished memories and

Wistful nostalgia; don't wait

Carve your path in immortality

Make this your moment to shine

Irrevocable clock chimes

Tick away life in the hourly

Peal of singing bells, mourning

The passing of time unrecovered

Scattered into the embrace of

Eternity's dazzling light

Beyond our brittle grasp

Unravel your brilliance from

The enmeshed maze of dazed whispers

Make this your moment to shine


Our celestial orb eternally spins

In repetitive duty 'midst a

Myriad floating moons; timeless

Hills and snowcapped mountains

Lie languorous and permanent

As seasons evolve unfettered

Plunging infinite seconds into

An irretrievable void of time lost

Immerse yourself in today

Make this your moment to shine


Your audience awaits

Leaden curtains will unveil

Your flair, cast off night's mantle

Scriptless life has no rehearsal

No understudies, no retakes

Endless hope of encores lie

Abandoned on Fate's steps

Take your doubt into faith's

Spotlight, tread your tentative

Faltering footsteps onto your stage

This is your moment to shine

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buwel said...

kalo ngomentnya nice poem ajah boleh nggak...hehehhehe

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