Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is for the girls out there,

you have your love? show him that you care.

Make him see your love is true,

that no one can love him better than you.

If he treats you right, don't take him for granted,

and don't throw back in his face, every word he said.

He gives his attention? You give the same,

When he's serious, don't play games.

If he's angry, don't ignore,

when forgiving, don't keep a score.

If he asks a question, answer honestly,

if he's willing to do anything for love, you also should be.

Make time for him when he makes time for you,

keep communication open on what you do.

If he expresses emotions, don't turn your heart to stone,

he accepts you as you are, treat him as your own.

7 komentar:

dewi said...

bisa ga ya melakukannya....????

kang dwi said...

ini dia yang dwi cari

nyoman said...

wah bisa aja nih si bos

uke poet said...

anything for husband & wife?

buwel said...

siiip message nya...heheheheh

Seragam kerja said...

Nice post,..

puteri said...


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