Friday, June 26, 2009

Make Me Real

You've always been inside

From the moment I set eyes on you

Every time I cried

I wanted everything to be you

But we're far apart

Torn by realities from the start

Yet our destinies are entwined

In my mind we're unified

Reach inside my world and pull me over

'Cause that is where I'm home or

Better yet, where I belong, where I heal

So come on and make me real

You've always felt my pain

'Cause you carried it for me

When I'm with you there's nothing that's in vain

'Cause you're always there for me

We're not so far apart

Because you're always in my heart

Our destinies are entwined

'Cause in my mind we're unified

Cross the bridge, cross over

Let me come home or

To the place that I belong

Out in insanity, where I'm strong

Let me give myself to you

Take me from this nightmare, make a dream come true

Cross the bridge, cross over

Take me home or

Where I can be me

Take me away, make me real

Swimming through the currents of depression

Trying not to let my head go under

‘Cause if it does ill be torn asunder

Time and time again

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