Thursday, March 26, 2009


In the days before you came
My lonely heart was filled with pain
The skies were dull and overcast
My chance of love I thought had passed
Buy then you arrived and brought the sun
Taught me how to live and have some fun
Your starlit eyes that shone around
I couldn't keep my feet upon the ground
A smile so bright it radiated
I took my chance never hesitated
Never believing you'd agree
That together we would be
Never again to be apart
For it seemed joined at the heart
Both beating but as one
The love we shared would go on
Then I thought I'll take my chance
To cement this perfect romance
Asked if you would marry me
Even dropping to one knee
You said yes you had no doubt
I looked up each star was out
Every one it shone so bright
On this our special night

4 komentar:

bisnisway said...

bisa yah nulis puisi pake bahasa inggris...mantafh...

eljudge said...

"In the days before you came
My lonely heart was filled with pain"

Mungkin aku jauh lebih buruk Cz aku sering bergumam:

Lonely day...
Everyday you never come
My heart used to pain


Pit-Onta said...

wahh jadi ingin bikin puisi juga :) aku udah punya tapi nanti aku upload dehh :)

bayunature said...

poems romance story you do?, the states of love. touching and romantic

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