Sunday, January 11, 2009


almost two-week military aggression israel to Palestinian progress,
hundreds of people dead and about 200 children are becoming victims of maltreatment israel nations, while thousands of people injured. not yet known how many people are missing.
GAZA citizens now live half of the existing.
without stopping, without pity, israel troops continue to attack Palestinians, even the evacuation was still attacked.
humanitarian aid also attacked .. somehow what is in your mind israel?
clear that what they do have violated human rights.
whether we are still only just?
hecatomb see our brother in Palestine?
I invite you to reject israel to Palestinian aggression, let us pray for our brothers in Palestine ..!

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xitalho said...

a humanitarian tragedy. I hope the war will be finished quickly

artofreed said...

Stop Israel's attact for humanity!!
They just kill children and women !.
They have a modern weapon for killing children and women !

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