Thursday, December 18, 2008


Acing the test you stayed up late cramming for

A whirlwind that spins you round and round

Being at a lose for words

Knowing what the other is thinking without them saying it

And them knowing what you are thinking too

Being able to look into their eyes and know how they feel

Knowing that while they are looking into your eyes all they are thinking about is you

That feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, that feeling that you're sick, but at the same time it's the best experience of your life

A black abyss, once you get into it you just continue to descend

The tilt a whirl, that feeling of your head spinning is invigorating

Just knowing

Your nose on a cold day, that tingly feeling you get

The meaning of life

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NYoMaN said...

hebat mendefenisikannya pangeran cinta nih? :P

David said...

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Imelda said...

nice definitions of love. .. been here for a visit.

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