Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dedication to a Lost Love

Stay with me here by my side,
Gently love me as our hearts entwine.
Touch my soul with a tender vowing kiss,
My heart's obsession will no longer be denied.

Be with me and reveal yourself this profound night,
All of my being is relinquished to your love.
Aglow in deep predilection every dream is complete,
A romantic sweet release, a sentimental flight.

Embrace me dearly as I am consumed with intense passion,
Like waves crashing upon the oceans.
Sounds of loud thunder claps racing through the skies,
I am full of abounding joy, my heart leaps without distraction.

Stay in this irreplaceable love so rare,
Embodied with beauty and elegance this treasure is well designed.
My soul evokes sensations so blissful and true,
For within this harmony is a picture perfect love affair.

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GOMBLOH said...

wow jadi tersanjung deh (maksudnya?)

Salam Kompaaak

acy said...

nice poam, sunggung beruntung sekali orang yg diberikan puisi ini :)

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