Tuesday, October 7, 2008

love is money

love is money
money is love
sexs is money
money is sex
ilove you because your money
you love me because you love my money
so love is money

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ARA said...

if love is money
money is love
money can make love
i love money
so i love love

nice idea!

★Jasmine said...

yeah, love is money
money is loooveee =D

money can make love
love can make money

now i'm getting dizzy.

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thedemeet said...

Love is money..
how much your love?

JoVie said...

hihiks...ada2 aja puisinya..:D

Aquarius.vinte trĂªs said...

if money can make love,
how much your money to make your love?
and if love can make money,
how much your love to make your money?

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