Saturday, May 23, 2009

You are Mine and I Am Your Lover

Get out of people's business!
It's easy I guess.

I want to do something on this bright beautiful day.
I don't want to spend my time just wasting away.
I want my dad to fix the wires on my truck, so it can be rolling again.
When you think negative all the time it's hard to win.
People make you think negative sometimes.

God is coming back can't you see the signs.
It's almost like all of our morals have went right out the window.
People's minds are focused on games like Nintendo.
We stop caring about people who care for us the most.
The reason we do that is because we think they are giving us negative advice.
In reality those people are trying to help us succeed.
You might actually think of that if you weren't on that weed.
Don't confront nobody about nothing, let them figure their life out on their own.
We want to control them but they can't be controlled they are prone.
I hate some decisions that people make.
But these people are paying for my steak.
If I had a steak that they could pay for.
Everybody wants to settle the score.
Nobody is truly happy with their life right now.
Women and Men both are seeking sexual contacts even if they are married.
I think that is the wrong thing to do if you are married.
But who am I to judge you.
Who am I to sin and than turn around and criticize you.
Don't get mad though we all do!
Let one thing go in the ear and out the other.
Just remember you are mine and I am your lover.

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