Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tears and blushes,
Nomore crushes,
Sorrows and heartaches,
Only pain, nomore departure,
Gathering pain, makes me insane.
Beautifull eyes, rosy red
Lips she had, ebbed away.
That feeling fathomed,
Caressed deep, deep within,
Fun and frolic, comes to and end.
Time we had , all we lost,
Castles in sand,
Loosely packed in hand,
All the dreams and memories,
All gone, gone, long all along.
Moments together, the sunset,
All the pleasure, all the pain,
Brought tears together; smiles,
All we had, were but wind,
Took with it, the Time.
Times gone, moments lost,
Sand and dust, lost,
Glories of the days , and the dusk,
Beautiful l faces and all smiles,
Gone with gush, all oblivion.

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Presiden Prabowo said...

Salam hangat untuk keluarga anda!

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