Friday, January 2, 2009

Before We Make Love

Before I get myself inside u
Let me know a little bout u
Yeah u the type
You might be my woman one I see for the rest of my life
But first let me see where u coming from
We no longer young no need for waiting around to see you
I want to see what's behind those beautiful features
You more like a teacher, mind like a blossomed rose
But I want to see how far your mind go
Before we take that first step
20 years from now I want to tell u about the first day u took my breath
U show no stress I figured that out
So with u I take another route
Lets build a house of communication
Got a poets foundation
With insulation of words to comfort me and u both
Even u told me to take it slow
So here I go no need to push and shove
Lets have mind sex before we make luv!

3 komentar:

alifahru said...

kayane mandan saru apa ya? :)

Echa said...

i like poems, unfortunately my English is bad :)endri

ijal said...

hah? mind sex??

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