Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infinite You

Your love is astonishing
Like infinite suns bursting
Consuming all of my soul.
Fortune would honor me
If I could only be burned forever
By your fiery love.
Your love is breathtaking
Like infinite winds gusting
Filling me with the airs of all that is you.
My heart is wisked away to paradise
To join you for all of eternity.
You love is refreshing
Like infinite oceans raging
Washing away my lonliness
Waves of compassion crash against me relentlessly.
I am drawn beneath the surface
To drown in a sea of love and happiness.
Your love sustains
Like infinite earths existing
Fortifying my mind, body, and soul.
I long to lie in your bossom
To slumber
Hoping never to wake from dreams of you.

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NYoMaN said...

wih indah :)
sedang jatuh cinta kah? :P

Ani said...

hmmm....nggak ingin terbangun dari mimpi ya? ntar kebablas lho he..he... **

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