Wednesday, August 27, 2008

While you were sleeping

Did you ever seen by your self, if true love is exist? Well, I do.

Raheel was 30 years when he get to know about Cathy. He is very quite man with deep thinking. He will get his liver operation that day. The doctors need a pieces of his liver, so they can do some test to know what kind the disease is.

Before enter the operation room he give Cathy’s pic and her phone number to my mom. “Please keep these, and if my condition getting worst, don’t tell her. I don’t want her be worry about me”. He say that day he promise to chat with Cathy. “Brother, if my condition not getting well, please meet her, use my ID, she already know about you”. Then he start crying, he say “please ask Cathy’s forgiveness for me, I’ve been hurt her so, please forgive me Cathy, I love her so much...” and he always repeat those words with crying. I feel very sad when I see him, and my mother start crying too. We can see how deep is his love for that girl. And tears keep falling down from his eyes. One of nurse ask me “So, where is Cathy now? Why’d she not come to stay beside him?, it’s look like he really need this girl”. Then I tell her “Cathy isn’t here, he live a thousand miles away from here. He knows this girl from internet, and never meet till this day”. When this nurse know about that and see how deep Raheel love for Cathy, her eyes start become glassess, she walk close to my mom and hold her hand “Don’t worry, I’ll take care about him. I wont take my rest until he have his operation”.

Then something happen after the operation, he get bleeding. The doctors was very worried about him. They do so many things to bring him back. After two hours, he get back again. But still he doesn’t awake. He’s condition very bad.

That day I go to internet cafĂ© to meet Cathy and tell her about Raheel condition. She’s very sad and start crying. We talk about some things. Then I know the reason, why’d Raheel loves this girl. Cathy is a girl who look at the world with smile. She get cancer in her womb. But still she never give up. A girl with spirit.

Raheel condition become worst, he still have bleeding. Sometime when he wake, he say something that we can’t understand. Even we don’t know which language is it. It’s look he looking for something. But everytime my mom and me ask him what does he looking for? He aswer with the words that we can’t understand.

Just the other day, I chat with cathy again, and tell her about Raheel condition. And about Raheel always talk in strange language. “But I can’t remember well what he said”. Cathy tell me that she teaches Raheel some words in her language. Then I know what’s the meaning of words that Raheel spoke, Raheel looking for Cathy, and he always say that he loves Cathy very much. I’m crying when know this, even he’s almost dying but he still keep this girl in his heart.

And tonight while I come to see him, he’s condition still bad. And everytime he get awake, he always looking for something. “Son, what’s you looking for, we all here..” my mom ask him. But still we see that he keep on looking, and say “where’s Cathy?”. My mom start crying and say “what happened with you son?”. So I tell him a lie to calm him, and the doctor give him sleeping injection. So he may forget Cathy for a while.

This is the first time in my life, I see that there’s a man who love a girl with deeply, even he never meet that girl. While he fight between life and death but still her name on his heart

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DeLiA said...

jd pengen nonton film "While You Were Sleeping"

one of my favorite movie all the time!

farmville said...

hmm, kayaknya romantic ya. jadi pengen nonton juga nih.

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