Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Miss You

We used to argue we used to fight
I’m sure that it happened every night
When I said that I hate you ‘you said it’s a thought we both share
I guess that I thought you’d always be there
Now when I listen to the quiet of the night
I think God how I miss you
And then pray for the light
The night that you left me you made it so clear
But I would not listen I did not dare
For to hear it was painful it tore me apart
If only I’d done what I said from the start
When you took your life it just wasn’t fair
Now I just sit with your picture and stare
So many people their hearts you did break
I tried to stop you but my effort was late
I wont forget you I still hold you dear
I always have your love it shows through my tears

2 komentar:

NYoMaN said...

keren bro, buat perpisahan cocok nih

subagya said...

hmm inget lagunya SLANK I MISS YOU BUT I HATE YOU

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